60th Birthday Wishes

The 60th birthday is a special anniversary for many people. It is a big round number and often sets a milestone for the start into the last phase of professional life. You prepare yourself mentally for retirement, but can still perform many things - both physically and mentally. Of course, you congratulate a friend, relative, work colleague or other dear person, who will be 60 years old, very warmly to this event. Here you can find pictures and sayings for wishes via WhatsApp or Facebook, but also formulations of texts for birthday cards that you send in the traditional way by post. All birthday greetings are free if you use them for private purposes. There are funny sayings, but also hearty short wishes and wisdoms and quotations that make you think. Both business and personal contacts are taken into account. Thus you find the right birthday wish for each type of receiver.

60th Birthday Wishes Pictures

Nowadays, people at the age of 60 generally have a smartphone that they use extensively. That's why WhatsApp birthday wishes are the most popular and widely used form of congratulation in this age group. There are also Facebook likes to send messages on special occasions. For both applications, pictures with sayings and a suitable motif are a very good choice when looking for a nice congratulation. In the following, various images on the theme are presented, in addition to original pictures also a more or less amusing, but at least heartily meant birthday saying. The pictures can be easily shared on social platforms or sent via chat message. Also these birthday pictures are free of charge.

WhatsApp Birthday Greeting

243 283
WhatsApp Birthday Greeting

This picture shows a birthday cake with candles formed into letters, which form the slogan "Happy Birthday". These candles burn to celebrate the birthday child. The saying is that you should not count the years in your life, but the congratulations you receive on your birthday. The picture is ideal as a congratulation via WhatsApp.

Inspiration 60th Birthday saying

216 220
Inspiration 60th Birthday saying

The big red rose on this picture is certainly a good congratulation especially for women. Next to it, there is a birthday saying that makes you think.

Facebook Birthday Wish

222 215
Facebook Birthday Wish

On this picture you can see a small birthday cake, which has a funny saying. The picture is especially suitable as a congratulation via Facebook, because it catches the eye directly in the timeline.

Funny 60th Birthday Wishes

Who doesn't want to be in a good mood on their birthday? Everyone wants that of course, so funny birthday wishes are also very popular. In this chapter you will find some such funny greetings, which you can write as personal text in a card, for example, but which can also be used in an email or other form of birthday congratulations. One or the other saying is a little mean, points to an advanced age or plays with the unavoidable symptoms of aging. Therefore, one should carefully consider whether the respective text is really suitable for the recipient who is 60 years old. In your professional environment, for example, you should rather choose the more formal desires that can be found further down the page. For friends however these funny sayings are surely well suitable.

Funny 60th Birthday Wish

213 215
Funny 60th Birthday Wish

This picture brings a funny congratulation to all, which become today 60 years old. It says that today the time begins when you lie when you are asked about your age. The little muffin with a burning candle brings the right mood.

285 278
A sign that you are slowly but surely getting old: not all candles fit on the birthday cake anymore. I think with 60 candles you can still make an effort, there won't be enough space.
258 286
I had the idea to give something sweet, attractive and valuable for my 60th birthday, but I just didn't fit in the envelope. That's why you only get this card with the funny birthday greeting.
301 278
Don't be surprised if the fire department is at your door today. If you light all the candles on your birthday cake, they could start a big fire! Happy 60th birthday!
265 289
Here are a few wise words for you on your 60th birthday: Smile while you still have your own teeth!
296 267
Congratulations on your 60th birthday! It is so good to feel young and dynamic and full of energy - can you still remember it?
268 261
If you manage to blow out all 60 candles with one breath, then you really deserve a wish that will come true. Happy Birthday!
279 273
I promise I won't tell anyone your true age. The fact that we both grew up together could be an indication of my true age! Happy 60th birthday.
253 261
I would like to wish you "may all your dreams come true" on your 60th birthday, but then I would have nothing more to wish you next year. So I wish you that one of your dreams will come true this year. Happy Birthday!
280 268
Like a good wine, you get a little better every year. That's why I wish you all the best for your 60th birthday. Here's to good health!
272 292
Happy 60th birthday. Have fun, but don't do anything I wouldn't do. But maybe we should limit the activities a little bit more, otherwise there will be another misfortune...

60th Birthday Wishes for Him

When a man reaches the age of 60, you can write one or the other harsh saying into the card or the WhatsApp message to congratulate him. Men at the age of 60 are usually not particularly sensitive when it comes to their age. That's why the following formulations are especially warm for men, but perhaps a little more casual than the birthday greetings for women. There are mainly amusing, but also sweet sayings for men on their 60th birthday. These can be their own father, but also their husbands or relatives who are celebrating this special day of honour today. With the evaluation function one can express its opinion to each individual entry.

60th Birthday Wish for Man

267 206
60th Birthday Wish for Man

This picture brings a big congratulation to the 60th birthday with colorful balloons and streamers and spreads so good mood.

253 253
For the 60th I wanted to give you a rollator, but there were only the fast ones with the rally stripes. I thought to myself, this doesn't suit you. That's why this year you only get this funny birthday card and a nice Happy Birthday!
262 267
I've made up my mind today not to lie and say you look fantastic for your age. Instead, I am honest and wish you a great birthday and all the happiness in the world.
281 322
Happy 60th birthday! I advise you not to have sex this morning because you need all your energy to blow out all the candles!
592 422
I'll send you 60 cuddles and a kiss for your 60th birthday. Happy Birthday!
332 284
Enjoy your anniversary today, have fun and get your present. Today is your day of honour, so enjoy it to the full. Congratulations on your sixtieth birthday!
A new year of life and new challenges await you. But if you always stay positive, it will be a successful new year.
298 287
Life is a beautiful fight... sometimes it's beautiful, sometimes it's more of a fight. Make the best of it. Happy 60th birthday!
460 295
Even if your body sometimes suggests something different to you, you are only as old as you feel. And you should feel especially good today on your 60th birthday!
286 285
At 60, you're not old, but a well-preserved classic in its prime. Enjoy the time and have a lot of fun. Happy Birthday!
Dad, I wish you a happy 60th birthday and that today is the start of the best year of your life ever. Happy birthday! You are the best!

60th Birthday Wishes for Her

Women at the advanced age of 60 are more sensitive to jokes about the large number or many years they already spend around the world. For this reason, this chapter is more concerned with warm and heartfelt birthday jokes, which will be particularly well received by female birthday children. There are sayings for the own mother, for a relative, the own wife or a girlfriend and all nice female persons, who turn just 60 years old. It is a good idea to compliment the woman on her youthful appearance or to send out aphorisms that relativize her age and put her own consciousness in the foreground. Such birthday wishes can also be found here, but also simply short sayings, which will go down well with everyone.

60th Birthday Wishes for Women

211 213
60th Birthday Wishes for Women

This flower brings a loving greeting to the 60th birthday, which is particularly suitable for women. The white flowers on a green background look very natural. The whole picture looks very soft, exactly matching the thoughtful saying.

285 277
Happy 60th birthday to the best friend you can have. I wish you as much joy in the new year as you give me.
286 327
As a good friend I remembered your birthday and send you very warm greetings. But as a good friend I forgot your age - was it 51 or 52 years?
317 271
What, you're 60 years old today? That can't be... you look a little better every year. What is your surgeon's name?
364 272
60 is the new 50 - you just prove that. I send you my best regards and a kiss for your 60th birthday.
273 343
On your 60th birthday I wish you lots of happiness, love and fun and a new year of life in which you succeed in everything you set your mind to.
259 286
I'm sending you my warmest wishes for your 60th. Today can be the beginning of a fantastic new phase in your life. You can create anything you want. Good luck with that!
278 283
Your 60th anniversary is a good opportunity to set new goals for the future and take on new challenges. I wish you a lot of fun and success with the implementation.
305 283
Mum, you're just the best! On your birthday I wish you all the best greetings from your loved ones and a day that you will always remember with pleasure. Happy Birthday!
289 290
The 60th birthday is also the start of another 365-day journey of the earth around the sun. Sit back and enjoy the next round.
279 361
I wish you many great gifts for your 60th birthday, even more love greetings from your friends and family and a new year full of adventures and experiences that you will always remember.

60th Birthday wishes for business partners

In the professional environment, people usually choose different words to congratulate on a birthday than for private contacts. You may be able to congratulate a colleague informally, but you should write formal greetings to your boss or superior. You also choose a formal form of address for employees, customers, suppliers or other business partners, but you do not make funny remarks about age. For these reasons they distinguish texts in the following chapter from the previous ones. There are for different target groups in each case a handful birthday desires thereby - depending upon receiver one should select thus a suitable saying.

60th Birthday Wishes for Colleagues

205 216
60th Birthday Wishes for Colleagues

With this picture you can very well congratulate a colleague on her 60th birthday. The spotlights illuminate the handwritten birthday greeting and put it duly in scene.

60th Birthday Wishes for Employees

As department manager, supervisor or managing director, it is a nice gesture to congratulate your employees on a special birthday. The following sayings are suitable as letters for employees on their 60th birthday, for example as part of a card, letter or email.

307 283
We wish you all the best for your 60th birthday and would like to thank you for the many years of successful cooperation in our company. We hope that many more years will follow.
291 271
The good news today is that you are celebrating your birthday today and will be 60 years old. Perhaps the less good news for you is that you have to stay with us for a few more years before they can go into their well-deserved retirement. Until then, we look forward to many more successes with you.
278 284
Happy 60th birthday! The management would like to thank you for the loyalty and quality of your work. We look forward to being able to count on you again in the years to come.

60th Birthday Wishes for your Boss

Your boss can be especially well congratulated as a department together. The 60th birthday is also a special date for the boss. With the following words you can make him happy on this day, because almost all bosses depend on his employees, because they are the ones on whom his success depends.

284 339
Dear boss, we would like to wish you all the best for your 60th birthday and tell you that you cannot retire before 70. We just don't want to lose you as our boss!
295 308
The whole department wishes them all the luck in the world on their 60th birthday and that they can spend a nice day with their family today. Congratulations from everyone!
273 281
We wish the best chef in the world the greatest 60th birthday ever! Stay the way you are!

60th Birthday wishes for work colleagues

Every day you spend many hours with your colleagues at work. Particularly in the office, special social bonds often develop that should be cultivated. On your 60th birthday, you should of course write a card individually or as a group or congratulate them in some other way.

379 274
We wish you all the best for your 60th birthday and would like to tell you that it would only be half as beautiful here in the office without you. We want to keep you as a valued colleague and popular coffee break partner for a long time to come!
254 289
You're 60 years old today and you're still not really mature. But now that doesn't change anymore and we can just celebrate your birthday.
280 268
It is customary for the birthday child to invite all work colleagues to a small celebration in the office. I hope you will keep up this tradition on your 60th birthday. We are all looking forward to the birthday cake!

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