50th Birthday Wishes

The 50th birthday is a very special occasion in the life of a man or woman. To be at age of half a century - that is probably the most important and most celebrated anniversary in a person's life. Of course, friends, colleagues and relatives should also pay special tribute to their 50th birthday. This includes above all congratulations, which one sends in the form of a birthday card, but in the smartphone-century, greetings send via WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook are very popular. But no matter how you want to congratulate your 50th birthday - you always need a nice wording to send your best regards. Such a saying can also be in the form of a picture that shows congratulatory motifs and is ideal for sending with a smartphone. On this page you can find different templates of texts for greeting cards, sample texts for cover letters or pictures for social networks and emails. It is also possible to vote for certain greetings, so that subsequent visitors can see which sayings are particularly popular with other people and which are less popular.

Funny 50th Birthday Wish

103 98
Funny 50th Birthday Wish

On this picture you can see a mini birthday cake with some candles and a funny saying for the 50th birthday. The cake looks very appetizing and the burning candles make it look festive at the same time. With this picture you can send a funny congratulation to the fiftieth via WhatsApp or Facebook without offending the birthday child.

Funny Wishes for the 50th Birthday

On your 50th birthday, you should above all convey joy and a good mood to the birthday person. For this purpose, funny greetings for the 50th birthday are particularly suitable, which can be included in a greeting card, for example, but which can also be sent by mobile phone. Below you will find numerous funny birthday sayings for people who are 50 years old. You should of course think about whom you would like to congratulate. This way you can certainly press a sarcastic slogan on a friend that you better not send to your boss. The funny sayings include a few mean and nasty phrases as well as hearty congratulations that only make you smile. In addition, one or the other funny picture for the 50th birthday is included that you can easily and quickly share on the Internet.

132 120
When I recognized you were turning 50 today, I couldn't believe it. You held up really well - for me you don't look one day older than 49! Happy birthday!
122 117
If I lit all the candles on your birthday cake, the fire department would be outside the door in 5 minutes because a major fire was reported.
117 101
It took nature 50 years to shape your body to this perfection. Congratulations on this aesthetic masterpiece!
138 115
Originally my plan was to send you something incredibly sweet and irresistible for your 50th birthday. But I just didn't fit into this envelope. That's why you get this birthday card with the incredibly funny birthday greeting. Happy Birthday!
125 120
As soon as the birthday cake doesn't fit all the candles, you slowly but surely notice that you are no longer the youngest. For 50 candles, it gets pretty tight on the cake, doesn't it?
131 142
When you get up in the morning at the age of 50 and nothing hurts you anymore, you should be worried. Otherwise, a few aches and pains should not upset you. In this sense I wish you all the best for your 50th birthday.
108 113
Happy 50th birthday! It's nice to have a friend who still knows that Atari was a great video game company and chewing gum costed 10 cent. This also means that you have been on your back for some years, but I still love you very much.
104 120
Every year you get a little bit better. Happy 50th birthday!
107 119
You notice that you get old when your favorite songs are now playing on your mom's favorite radio station. Best regards on your 50th birthday.
99 112
When you are 50, you slowly reach the age where more food than beer is stored in the fridge. Let's break this trend and put some bottles in the fridge for us! Happy Birthday!

Funny picture for 50th Birthday

108 112
Funny picture for 50th Birthday

The camel brings greetings on its 50th birthday with a rose in its mouth. On the light blue background you can see a nice saying to congratulate a birthday child on his or her anniversary. The picture is a good way to congratulate WhatsApp on their 50th birthday.

Pictures for 50th Birthday Wishes

A nice picture on WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook is a particularly nice way to congratulate on the morning of your 50th birthday. This kind of congratulation is especially suitable for a friend, work colleague or for your own mother or aunt, uncle or father. The gallery contains the most beautiful birthday pictures for the 50th birthday. Here you find pictures and greeting, which you can post with minimum expenditure on WhatsApp or share on Facebook. You can also post these pictures on websites, Twitter or other platforms. All birthday pictures can be used free of charge for private, non-commercial purposes.

Funny 50th Birthday Wish
On this picture you can see a mini birthday cake with some candles and a funny saying for the 50th birthday. The cake looks very appetizing and the burning candles make it look festive at the same time. With this picture you can send a funny congratulation to the fiftieth via WhatsApp or Facebook without offending the birthday child.
131 121

This picture shows many colorful metal-look balloons floating in front of a blue background. They frame a large 50 and a short birthday greeting. Air streamers in different colors hang down solemnly from the balloons. This colourful picture will put you in a good mood at first sight and is an ideal way to congratulate you on your birthday.

Traffic sign for 50th Birthday

107 101
Traffic sign for 50th Birthday

This funny sign shows a muffin with a candle as a mini birthday cake, drawn on a traffic sign that shows a funny birthday greeting for fifty year-olds. The slogan is a little cheeky and should therefore only be sent to people who understand fun.

50th birthday wishes for him

Men aren't usually that sensitive about their age. For this reason, you can also send a man a little more rough birthday greetings than a woman. The following list of short texts is specially formulated for men who turn 50. This can be your own father, a colleague at work, a friend, but also your husband or partner. Birthday sayings can be found for every target group. Even if you congratulate a man on his 50th birthday, it is important to always spread a good mood and not to be too mean. Who would like to congratulate its boss or someone else rather formally, should be particularly careful with the choice of the correct congratulations.

50th Birthday message for him

107 111
50th Birthday message for him

If you want to wish a man all the best for his 50th birthday who still has a little child in his heart, this picture is the right choice for you. In front of a purple background with rays you can see next to the birthday greeting 2 bottles of Cjampagne, which clearly indicate that today is the time to celebrate. The picture is especially suitable for men, because it contains a somewhat coarse saying.

104 95
Happy 50th birthday! Even after so many years, you are still exactly the man I fell in love with. That's why I love you as much as I did the first day, my darling.
91 111
For your 50th birthday, I'll send you 50 cuddles and a big kiss. I wish you that today all your birthday wishes will come true and that this year you will succeed in everything you have set out to do. Happy Birthday!
96 134
Today you're 50 years old and still not really an adult. I think it's too late by now and we shouldn't worry about that anymore. Let's just celebrate!
126 127
I send you all my love on your 50th birthday. I wish you that today will be the first day of an incredibly beautiful year for you. Happy Birthday!
96 120
I wish you that the second half of your very personal century will be even better than the first. Congratulations to your 50th birthday.
116 93
Now you are slowly reaching the age where other passengers on the bus offer their seats. But you rarely use public transport anyway, so it shouldn't drag you down. I wish you all the best for your 50th birthday!
94 116
Don't worry about turning 50 today. The more birthdays you have, the older you get!
121 95
I thought long and hard about a suitable present for your 50th birthday and almost bought a voucher for a medical supply store. But then I thought that it might remind you that 50 years is quite old and I decided to buy another gift. Happy birthday.
110 108
When you're over 50 years old, you sometimes wake up in the morning and think you're the victim of a traffic accident you don't remember. So be prepared for hard times.

Wishes to your father for his 50th Birthday

Maybe you should send your father some very special congratulations on his 50th birthday. That's why you can find here formulations that can come from the daughter but also from the son and with which you can make your dad a great joy.

Happy 50th Birthday for father

104 103
Happy 50th Birthday for father

On this birthday picture you can see a meadow with four-leaved clover. Some lucky beetles crawl on it and bring a nice, cordial greeting to the 50th birthday. The message of this picture is clear - good luck for the new year.

Shark brings 50th Birthday greetings

124 122
Shark brings 50th Birthday greetings

This funny shark sends his love to his 50th birthday. But the saying indicates that at 50 years of age you are no longer the youngest. The picture with orange background is very well suited as a congratulation for your own father.

96 90
I want to tell you today that you're the best daddy in the whole world. I love you so much and wish you all the happiness in the world for your fiftieth birthday!
111 105
No matter what I've done, you've always stood by me. For that I would like to thank you, Papa. I wish you all the best for your 50th birthday and hope that you will always be there for me in the next 50 years.
102 115
Happy 50th birthday! I wish you a new year full of happiness, success and health. All your dreams should come true for you next year!
117 111
Today you will be 50 years old and it seems to me that you will never get older. For me, you are always the person I ask when I need help and whom I have forever taken to my heart.
92 133
5 decades is not very much - I wish you another 5 decades full of fun and joy. Happy Birthday!
122 94
From now on, you can call yourself a classic. It's like with wine and sports cars - with age they become more and more popular.
93 89
Congratulations on your 50th birthday, Dad. I hope you manage to stay awake until your party tonight and not nod off in your armchair, old man.
119 113
The moment I left the house and moved into my own apartment, I realized how well I had it at home. Thank you for always being such a great father. Happy 50th birthday

50th Birthday wishes for her

Women are usually more sensitive to their age than men. In the following section we list a number of 50th birthday sayings for a colleague, mother or sister, friend or relative like an aunt. All 50th birthday greetings for women are also free and may be used for non-commercial purposes.

50th birthday picture for her

106 99
50th birthday picture for her

This picture in red for the birthday will be especially well received by women. In addition to the curved writing, the flowers are also harmoniously integrated and should simply wish all the happiness in the world for the birthday child.

95 104
I'm sending you my love on your 50th birthday. I wish you a year full of love, fun and adventure and that you succeed in everything.
100 94
As a gentleman I remembered your birthday and congratulate you very much. But as this gentleman I forgot your age... was it 38 or 39?
119 112
No, you won't be 50 years old today, but 35 with 15 years of experience! Congratulations!
101 106
I almost forgot your birthday. But it's not easy to believe that you will get older if you look as good with every year as the year before!
101 97
Happy 50th birthday to you. I wish you all the happiness of this world and that all your dreams will come true in the new year of your life. Let yourself be pampered today and enjoy your round anniversary.
92 99
We girls should let your 50th birthday go by and celebrate! Do you feel like it?
103 107
As long as I can remember, you're my best friend. I wish you all the best for your 50th birthday and hope that we will continue to share every secret for the next 50 years.
121 115
I'm sending you a cuddle and a kiss for your 50th birthday. I would like to be with you now and hold you in my arms. Feel pressed and have a lot of fun today, my dear.
107 88
On your 50th birthday I wish you love, hope and never-ending joy. Thank you for being my friend. Happy Birthday.
91 91
Do not count the candles on your cake, but how much light they give and do not count your years, but your experiences. I wish you all the best for your 50th birthday.

50th Birthday wishes for your mother

Of course, you wish your own mother a particularly nice 50th birthday. If you are still looking for a suitable formulation for a saying in the birthday card, you will certainly find it here. Also who would like to send his mum a dear greeting to the 50th birthday by WhatsApp or email or Facebook, you find a nice short text here.

Picture for Mum for 50th Birthday

92 109
Picture for Mum for 50th Birthday

The slogan "Happy Birthday" in this picture is made from candles, which are lit and thus convey a nice congratulation. The colourful balloons at the top of the picture offer a good contrast to the black background. In the middle of the picture there is an amusing saying for the 50th birthday.

107 104
Hello Mama, I wish you a fantastic 50th birthday full of lovely birthday greetings, fantastic gifts and a lot of joy. Let yourself be pampered today and enjoy every day of the coming year.
116 89
Today is your special, round anniversary that only takes place once in a lifetime. Therefore, let yourself be richly presented today and enjoy everyone's loving greetings from people who are important to you. I wish you all the best for your 50th birthday.
110 112
Thank you for the delicious food, thank you for your kind words and above all thank you for loving me so much. I send you my best regards for your 50th birthday and wish a start into a super nice new year.
114 84
I want to thank you on your 50th birthday for always being there for me when I needed you. You always stood by me, even when I did something wrong. I hope that I can count on you also in the next 50 years.
95 120
Happy birthday, Mama! On my 50th birthday I will of course come to visit you today, but I would like to wish you all the best for this big anniversary.
95 111
Today is the first day of the best decade of your life - enjoy this special day with your loved ones. I come today and hope for a delicious piece of birthday cake!
84 97
To the best mama in the whole world, I send you the best birthday greetings in the world. I thank you that you have always been there for me with words and deeds all my life. I hope I can give you a lot back in the next year.
89 119
Greetings on your 50th birthday! May your new year be marked by love, success and health. Be prepared for a year full of experiences and adventures!

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