40th Birthday Wishes

The 40th birthday is a special event for most men and women. At the age of 40, people usually have made a final career decision and most people at this age completed family planning and are more likely to make long-term plans for the future. Thus the 40th birthday is not only a psychologically important milestone in life. Of course you should congratulate one who will be 40 years old. Such congratulations are sent in a modern way with a smartphone via WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook or classically with a birthday card. Here you can find the right sayings, pictures and templates for birthday greetings free of charge. They are usefull for colleagues and family members and friends getting 40 years old.

Pictures and Images for 40th Birthday wishes

If you would like to congratulate your 40th birthday by WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, you are well advised to use a funny or pretty picture, because with a picture you can convey your congratulations very vividly in the truest sense of the word. Here you can find some birthday pictures that show a saying with greetings for your 40th birthday. All pictures can be shared quickly and easily on Facebook or sent with little effort with WhatsApp. The pictures are completely free for private use.

Funny Picture for 40th Birthday
This funny camel holds a red rose in his mouth and brings happy 40th birthday wishes. It says "I am wishing that all your dreams come true". The background is blue and the big number 40 is inside a seals.

Funny Wishes for 40th Birthday

On your birthday you want to be in a good mood. That's why funny congratulations on your fortieth birthday are particularly popular. Such funny sayings, amusing pictures and perhaps also mean congratulations are introduced here. You can write it as a personal message in a greeting card, but also use it as a saying in the chat. All funny greetings are free of charge and may be used for private, non-commercial purposes.

305 287
40 years has taken the universe to shape your body in this aesthetics and perfection. Congratulations!
287 287
Birthdays are God's way of showing us to eat more cake!
292 267
What, you're 40 years old today? That can't be! I wouldn't have estimated you a day older than 39!
284 294
Happy 40th birthday! Even after 40 years you haven't managed to grow up properly. I don't think that's going to happen now anyway, so today we can celebrate wildly and exuberantly!
283 288
When I couldn't place 40 candles on the birthday cake, I realized that you weren't the youngest anymore. I congratulate you nevertheless quite cordially to the 40th birthday.
309 292
If the candles on the birthday cake cost more than the cake, then you get old. 40 candles aren't exactly cheap, are they?
294 306
Today you'll reach the age where you start lying about your age! Congratulations on your fortieth birthday.
268 309
Today I lit so many candles on your birthday cake that you can still see the light from the ISS! Congratulations on your 40th birthday.
326 275
We know that wine gets better with age. But did you also know that you can bear old age better and better with wine? Congratulations on your 40th birthday.
282 295
Happy birthday to you! It's great to feel young, healthy and handsome. Do you still remember it? About 20 or so years ago?
306 293
No, you will not be 40 years old today but 28 with 12 years of experience!
276 293
Happy birthday! I would love to wish you all your dreams come true, but then next year I would have nothing more to wish for. So I wish you that most of your dreams will come true!
276 306
Mit dem Alter wird man Weise, sagt man. Du bist nicht Weise, also bist du auch noch nicht alter, oder? Happy Birthday.

Funny Picture for 40th Birthday

291 278
Funny Picture for 40th Birthday

This funny camel holds a red rose in his mouth and brings happy 40th birthday wishes. It says "I am wishing that all your dreams come true". The background is blue and the big number 40 is inside a seals.

40th Birthday Wishes for Her

When a woman turns 40, you should send very warm congratulations and not make fun of her age. Not all women are humorous when they turn 40. For this reason, in the following section you will find birthday sayings specially formulated for the female sex, which are sure to go down well with your own mother or sister, aunt or girlfriend.

301 286
Happy 40th birthday. I wish you that all your dreams will come true and all your wishes, which you have saved until your 40th birthday, will be fulfilled in the next years.
350 273
I wish you that all your lives will lead you to happiness. Congratulations on your 40th birthday.
287 293
Happy birthday, Miss Sporty-Forty. I wish you the same courage, humour, ambition and passion for your new year as the years before. So just stay exactly the way you are.
289 286
Originally I intended to give the something incomparably sweet, cute, pretty to the 40th birthday. But I just didn't fit in the envelope. That's why you get this incredibly original birthday card and my loveliest greetings.
495 275
On your 40th birthday I wish you a good start into the new year and that you will have a time full of success, love and fun. May you succeed in everything you set yourself!
264 274
I'm sending you my 40th birthday greetings! I hope that the next 40 years will be even better than the first.
286 280
As a good friend and gentleman I have thought of your birthday and wish you all love. But as a gentleman I forgot how old you are today. 31 or 32 years?
294 254
It's really hard to think about your birthday - you look just as good every year as you did the year before. Congratulations and for having a birthday today!
298 281
Happy 40th birthday to you from the bottom of my heart. I wish you a year full of happiness and a special day which you will always remember with pleasure.
284 268
I wish you many great presents for your 40th birthday and that today will be the first day of the best year ever for you. Best regards on your 40th birthday.

Good Luck for 40th Birthday

285 247
Good Luck for 40th Birthday

If you want to send good luck and nice wishes for the 40th birthday to someone you really like, then you can use this pictures. It contains a couple of symbols of luck luke the four-leaved cloverleaf and the barium beetles.

40th Birthday Wishes for Work Colleagues

You spend a lot of time each weekday with a colleague, so you should congratulate them when such a round birthday as the fortieth is just around the corner. In the following chapter you will find many different congratulations for all dear employees, colleagues and other business contacts. The formulations are suitable above all for birthday cards, but also for a congratulation by email or as a short text, to which one can add a covering letter or letter.

348 309
We wish you all the best for your 40th birthday. We hope that we can continue to count on such a good performance in the company in their new phase of life and that they will continue to work together with all their colleagues and superiors in a trusting and competent manner.
269 293
For your 40th birthday, I want you to know that you are my absolute favorite colleague at the company. With you you can always talk about everything and I can rely on you. Thank you for that. Congratulations.
278 305
The whole department would like to congratulate you on your 40th birthday. We wish you all that today is the first day of a steep career. You deserve it!
276 303
You support me in my work about 250 days a year. For this I would like to thank you and therefore send you the very dearest birthday greetings to your 40th.
290 283
Happy 40th birthday to my favourite colleague in the whole company! I admit, at the next opportunity I will also write to another colleague, but this greeting is nevertheless meant quite honestly. Happy Birthday!
306 269
We can do more together than alone. This is also true today on her 40th birthday. That is why all our colleagues together have decided to congratulate each other: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
298 307
For your 40th birthday I wish you all the best and that you succeed from today on. I'm counting on us to stay together in the company and not let it get us down!
285 291
On your 40th birthday, we all send you our hearty congratulations. All your employees wish you good luck and success, because you are simply the best boss you could ever wish for!
292 288
When you're 40, you're practically in the prime of life, and that's what you're looking at. I wish I could look so fresh, cheerful and cheerful when I was 40. I send you all my love and greetings for your birthday.

Champagne for 40th Birthday

293 274
Champagne for 40th Birthday

If you want to congratulate a man on his 40th birthday, who is still not really an adult, then you can do it especially well with this picture. It shows two champagne bottles, which animate you to celebrate.

40th Birthday Wishes for Sister

Those who congratulate their own sister on her 40th birthday will find here birthday greetings specially formulated for small and big sisters. Above all, there are warm congratulations to be found, with which one expresses the attachment to his close relatives. With one's sister one does not only share problems, but also a common memory of a common past and present.

307 283
Happy 40th birthday to the best big sister in the whole world. Thank you for always being there for me when I needed the help of someone who understands me.
311 297
Hello my sister, I wish you all the best for your 40th birthday and wish you a new year full of adventure, with a lot of success and health. Have a good time today.
266 298
I send you my 40th birthday greetings because you are the world's best sister! Happy Birthday!
297 281
I love you, sis. Happy birthday to the 40th and let you spoil today!
275 266
With a sister you share the memory of your childhood and your dreams for the future. That is why we are forever connected in a special way. I send you heartfelt congratulations on your fortieth birthday.

40th Birthday Wishes for Her

284 281
40th Birthday Wishes for Her

On your 40th birthday you can congratulate a woman with this picture especially well on her birthday. It is in strong red and some small flowers decorate the saying to the 40th birthday with the oversized, round number and the short text.

40th Birthday Wishes for Him

Even one or the other man is at the age of 40 years close to a midlife crisis. That's why you have to be careful who you send which sarcastic saying to on your 40th birthday, even if you have a strong sex. But basically one can say that men are a bit more relaxed about the topic of getting older than women. For this reason, you will also find one or the other short text in the sayings for men on their 40th birthday.

282 269
40 years and still not really grown up. That's good, because we can celebrate your birthday tonight!
306 283
Happy 40th birthday. In this age group you can belong to the group of old farts! Great!
300 290
On your 40th birthday I send you very dear congratulations and wish you that in the new year of your life you succeed in everything you start, that you stay healthy 365 days and that all your birthday wishes come true today.
307 285
Did you know I like to party with you? It's so good to have someone with you who is older than I am. Happy birthday.
290 294
On your 40th birthday I wish you all the happiness in this world and that your wife reads every wish from your eyes today. Let yourself be pampered!
267 289
40 years and still not a bit wise... but a really good buddy. Happy birthday!
262 286
Happy Birthday and welcome to the club of the 40s. I wish you all the best for your birthday. Let yourself be richly presented and celebrate beautifully.
276 280
I'm sending you a kiss and 40 cuddles for your 40th birthday. I hope that you will have a great day today, which you will always remember with pleasure. Happy Birthday!
306 279
I wish you on your 40th birthday incredibly beautiful gifts, an incredibly great day and from now on the best year of all time. In short: I wish you all the best!
306 312
Today is the first day when a big 4 appears as the first digit of your age. Don't worry too much about it, it could be worse - at the latest in 10 years you will laugh about it. Happy Birthday.

40th Birthday Wishes in Polaroid Style

243 272
40th Birthday Wishes in Polaroid Style

This cordial message is conveyed with the colorful Polaroid style picture for the 40th birthday. It is suitable as a WhatsApp greeting for relatives, but also for work colleagues and other people to whom one would like to congratulate.

Funny Shark 40th Birthday

302 277
Funny Shark 40th Birthday

Nobody should say that you are old now - this is the message the greeting on the birthday picture conveys. A funny shark, which doesn't look really threatening but rather amusing, makes every birthday child smile.

Candles for 40th Birthday

311 274
Candles for 40th Birthday

A somewhat sarcastic slogan for the 40th birthday can be seen on this picture. The burning candle letters convey a festive mood and congratulate the recipient very warmly.

40th Birthday Wishes for Brother

Of course, you congratulate your brother on his 40th birthday, because you share many childhood memories and the family with him. The following are formulations for congratulations that are especially suitable for brothers - whether as a sister or as a brother

290 284
Congratulations on your 40th birthday! As you get older it reminds me that my counter also shows a pretty high number. But I'll never catch up with you, big old brother!
303 292
Hello, brother, congratulations on your 40th birthday! Let me give you a rich present and drink one for me to celebrate the day!
285 293
I congratulate you on your 40th birthday and would like to write you that you have always been a role model for me. Also now I follow every step you take closely and am proud to have you as my brother. Happy Birthday.
270 274
I send the world's very best brother the world's very best congratulations on his 40th birthday! I wish you that all your birthday wishes are fulfilled and that you have a lot of fun today.
282 278
Don't worry that you will now be admitted to the club of the 40s and no longer belong to the young hoppers. For me you are still the coolest brother you can have.

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