3rd Birthday Wishes

If you want to send wishes on the 3rd birthday of a child you may use a birthday card or a WhatsApp. A 3 year old boy or girl can not yet read, but he or she already understands the words. The following, sayings and short texts for birthday cards can used free of charge for your personal birthday congratulations to three-year-olds. But there are also numerous pictures to be found, which can be used as a congratulation with the smartphone via WhatsApp to the parents. They show a typical motif such as a birthday cake or confetti and colorful balloons. Each of these images contain a sgort greeting to the birthday vhild. All the texts are kids-friendly, although they are read by the parents of the little one. You may also want to give your rating for each entry on this page to contribute to the toplist of best wishes for the 3rd birthday.

Pictures for 3rd birthday wishes

A picture as a congratulation for the third birthday of a child has the advantage that the little one cannot and must not read, but rather can see the greetingsin the picture. A picture says more than a thousand words is the proverb and of course this is fully true because visual stimuli have a particularly strong effect on people. For all these reasons, the following pictures are very suitable for small children.

Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes for WhatsApp

320 326
Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes for WhatsApp

If you send birthday greetings for the small birthday child to the parents, then this picture is a very nice choice. It is especially suitable for a congratulation on WhatsApp, because it is particularly striking because of the big letters forming the greetings, the colorful stars in the background and the red curtain, which opens before the birthday greeting.

Wild animals bringt 3rd birthday greetings

332 330
Wild animals bringt 3rd birthday greetings

A baby elephant, a very young tiger and a dog puppet bringt happy birthday greetings to 3 year old boys or girls. The three balloons are a nice addition to this birthday picture. Every child will love this greeting.

Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes for WhatsApp
If you send birthday greetings for the small birthday child to the parents, then this picture is a very nice choice. It is especially suitable for a congratulation on WhatsApp, because it is particularly striking because of the big letters forming the greetings, the colorful stars in the background and the red curtain, which opens before the birthday greeting.

3rd birthday wishes for a boy

When parents would like to write congratulation messages to their little son in a card, which he will perhaps read only in later years, then you need some beautiful wordings for it. Anyone who needs an idea for such formulations will find examples and templates in the following chapter that can be used free of charge.

314 317
For the girls you will be the heartbreaker in 15 years, for me you are already for 3 years. I wish you all the best for your 3rd birthday, my darling.
307 309
I wish our little rascal all the best and love for his third birthday and I hope that he is happy about all the presents that are waiting for him today. Happy Birthday!
311 309
Today you may not understand my words, but in a few years you will be able to read this 3rd birthday message and think about it. You are the best thing that has happened to me in my life and I will always be there for you when you need help. Happy birthday!
306 339
Congratulations on your third birthday, my son! You are different from all three year old children, but in your very own way. I know it's too early to say that, but I know you'll succeed when you grow up. I wish you all the happiness in this world.
318 328
Do you know why you're so special today? It is your special day, your birthday. You just turned three years old today. Wow! Happy Birthday to you!
308 309
Happy birthday, kiddo. You will enjoy an exciting life with many wild moments. You will be able to do everything you set out to do - all that is in you!
308 290
Happy third birthday, sweet little son. My whole world revolves around you. You are my heaven.
311 316
Congratulations on the third birthday to the sweetest little but still incredible cool boy the kindergarten has ever seen!
297 308
I am sure that one day you will be an astronaut or professional footballer, because you are something very special. If you work hard on it and want it badly, you'll be able to do whatever you want one day.
306 299
Happy birthday to my favorite three-year-old. Nothing makes me happier than celebrating this milestone and looking forward to all the years to come!
231 327

This cute rabbit in a speech bubble brings congratulations to the 3rd birthday for all little girls or boys who have birthday today. It is a child-friendly picture that will certainly always be well received.

3rd birthday wishes for a girl

Even at a young age, girls behave differently from boys and begin to take an interest in other things than their male peers. It is not clear whether this is a predisposition or socialisation, but the difference cannot be denied. For this reason, in the following section you will find wishes for the 3rd birthday, specially formulated for girls. Also they cannot read the text at the age of 3 years yet, but mum and dad can read it aloud.

307 327
I wish the little princess a great 3rd birthday and that you get everything you have wished for this special day. Happy Birthday!
279 314
Hello my little darling! I send you the very dearest birthday greetings to your special honorary day. Today you will be 3 years old. In the new year many new adventures are waiting for you, because there is still so much to discover. I wish you a lot of fun!
303 322
In the cookies of life you are the chocolate chips that are contained in them. I don't want to do without them any more. Happy third birthday, my little sweet daughter.
284 322
You are the blessing for us, a beautiful gift from heaven and a little angel who gives us joy. Happy third birthday, my little girl.
283 319
When I hold you in my arms, I feel so close to you and feel you every time in my heart. Congratulations on your third birthday!
313 291
You can always count on me, no matter what favor you need. You are my world and I wish you all the best for your birthday my little sweetheart.
313 271
Happy birthday cute little three-year-old girl. I hope you remember this day full of joy forever. You are fantastic and I just love you. I wish you a lot of fun.
316 315
Every mother claims to have the sweetest child in the whole world. But I am quite sure that I am the one who has this child. Happy 3rd birthday, my little darling.
306 322
Happy birthday, kiddo. Today I want to put the smile you always put on mine on your face.

3rd birthday message for a girl

297 330
3rd birthday message for a girl

This birthday greeting to the cutest little girl in the whole world ist surrounded by many colorful hearts. Every girl will love this picture with this bright pink and red background.

Happy 3rd birthday wishes for grandchild

As grandma and grandpa, you want to send your little grandson or granddaughter heartily third birthday wishes. For many children, the grandparents are an important caregiver at a young age, because when mum and dad have to scold because they have an educational task to fulfill, grandparents can be generous and show a lot of patience and peace when the offspring makes nonsense, eats too many sweets or especially wild and loud rages. The following birthday wishes for three-year olds are particularly suitable for grandchildren with grandmothers and grandpas.

294 368
I hope that your third birthday is 3 times so exciting as the first two - of course with 3 times as many gifts and 3 times as much cake! Happy Birthday!
289 316
I think every three-year-old girl should have her own pony, don't you? We still have to convince mum and dad of this great idea.
299 294
Wow, you're growing up so fast. You are already 3 years old today! It looks like you were just born. Congratulations on your third birthday!
286 301
May your 3rd birthday make you three times as happy as the happiest day of your life - with lots of cake and presents!
321 296
We send our little darling a huge congratulation on his third birthday. We wish you a great day with all your friends and of course fantastic gifts. Happy Birthday!
312 292
For your 3rd birthday I will not only send you 3 cuddles and a kiss, but also a present. I hope you have a lot of fun with it.
367 351
Three candles for the birthday cake. Three years for the light of your life. Happy birthday my sweet grandson.
309 319
You've given us so much pleasure in the last three years. We would like to thank you and your parents for this and wish you an unforgettable third birthday!
308 279
Things and people change over time, but memories remain. I remember the day you were born. That was the most beautiful day of my life! Happy third birthday, little darling.
305 313
It's amazing to think about how much you've changed in three years. Slowly, sweet child. Enjoy your happiest days.

3rd birthday picutre greeting for kids

353 280
3rd birthday picutre greeting for kids

This picture shows a large golden 3, followed by a golden lettering with the birthday greeting on a red banner. Bright lights flash on the blue background. This very striking picture is especially suitable for greetings via Facebook or Instagram.

Funny picture for 3rd birthday

311 304
Funny picture for 3rd birthday

This hippo shouts out "Happy 3rd Birthday". Two little bees smile to it. All this ofrms a very funny greeting for the 3rd birthday of a little one. The scene is in front of a bright green shiny background.

3rd birthday wishes for godchild

As a godfather you have a special responsibility for your godchild. At the age of 3 the parents are of course the first contact persons for all matters, but in later years there are also things that children do not want to discuss with father and mother. A sponsor is a good alternative. The following birthday greetings were specially formulated for godparents who would like to send a three-year-old child.

269 332
When I look for the brightest star, I don't look up at the sky. I look at you, the most amazing three-year-old there is. Happy birthday!
282 313
The only thing that is more amazing in this room than the cake with three candles is the wonderful three-year-old for whom it is intended. Happy birthday!
302 303
Happy 3rd birthday from the bottom of my heart. I will always be there for you, my little darling. I wish you a lot of fun on your birthday!
523 300
I hope I get a big piece of your birthday cake today. But first you have to blow out the three candles on it and make a wish. But you mustn't reveal it, otherwise it won't come true!
280 297
As your godfather I wish you a great 3rd birthday and send you of course a small gift. Have fun with it!
285 308
Happy 3rd birthday, little princess! I will catch a unicorn for you if you like. You are our spirited little girl and I am sure that you will always be and can do everything!
312 328
I wish the little Supergirl a great third birthday with lots of great gifts and many love greetings from all dear people in your life. Happy Birthday!
305 299
I'm sending you three cuddles for your third birthday! Let mum and dad spoil you today and celebrate a great party! Congratulations!

Party for 3rd birthday

334 212
Party for 3rd birthday

the metallic colorful ballons raise the 3rd birthday wish to the sky. This nice picture looks like a great message which starts up a kids birthday party.

Ideas for 3rd birthday

What do you give a girl or a boy for their third birthday? It doesn't always have to be an expensive gift to make a child happy at a young age. Rather, it is the good idea and experience with young children that decides whether the little one is happy about the birthday present. It does not always have to be a material gift. Rather, children at the age of 3 would also like to experience great things. You will find many different suggestions for gifts or activities in the following list.

319 318
A nice idea for a gift to a three-year-old is to visit a zoo. Children love animals and especially the wild animals of Africa are very popular with boys and girls. Such animal species can only be visited in a zoo in this country. A visit to the zoo is an experience for the whole family and everyone can enjoy it.
311 390
Of course, toys are very popular with children. Often the well-known, classic children's toy is very popular. So a game of memory is already at the age of 3 years a nice gift idea, because toddlers already have a very good short-term memory. Furthermore, building blocks, but also the classic teddy bear are popular toys.
304 305
Another experience that is already popular with small children, but in which all family members can participate, is a visit to a swimming pool or adventure pool. Children are usually not able to swim when they are 3 years old, so it's a good idea to take a pair of water wings with you and don't let the little ones out of your sight for a minute.
290 296
Children like to move and bouncy castles are a particularly popular way to have fun while moving. In many cities there are opportunities to enter large inflatables and meet many other children of the same age.
318 303
Girls and boys often like dogs very much. Many animal shelters offer the possibility to take one of the dogs for a walk. On the one hand a suitable dog has to be found, on the other hand you should contact the shelter in time, because there are often many people interested in such dog walks.
289 289
Playgrounds are great fun for three-year-old children. Since the playgrounds in the surrounding area have certainly been visited often, a special, previously unknown playground is a new challenge. Often this can be combined with a short hike with relatives or ice cream can be included in the trip planning.

Red and pink hearts for 3rd birthday

272 321
Red and pink hearts for 3rd birthday

This picture look like a really nice picture for little girls. It shows many small hearts on a red and pink background. A 3 and a Happy Birthday wish transport the message.

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