2nd Birthday Wishes

Wishes on a 2nd birthday of a kid are sent to friends, nephews, nieces or other relatives in ofrm of a card, via mobile phone to mum and dad, or if you prefer it in a traditional way, with a childfriendly card, so that the little one receives the congratulation itself in form of a picture. Of course, children of this age are not yet able to read, so that the parents can read the message aloud. Here we present pictures with congratulations for the second birthday for WhatsApp or websites, as well as texts for birthday cards. The formulations are suitable for children, so that the little one or the little one may actually understand the greetings. All texts and motifs are free of charge for private, non-commercial purposes. You can use them, for example, for birthday greetings to 2-year-old godchildren, grandchildren or friends of your own child from KITA. With the small symbols beside the entries readers can vote, which sayings and pictures are most beautiful and which do not please so well.

2nd Birthday Pictures

Pictures with birthday greetings are a good opportunity for such young children to congratulate. The pictures presented here can either be printed out and used as a self-made greeting card, or they can be sent with WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram to the father or mother, who will show it to the offspring. The pictures show child-friendly birthday motifs such as animals, birthday cakes or balloons. You can easily share them on social platforms, or copy them to the clipboard of your mobile phone or computer and paste them where you want to use them.

2nd Birthday WhatsApp Wish

301 302
2nd Birthday WhatsApp Wish

Raise the curtain for wishes on the second birthday of a little one! The red curtains open and reveal a sky with many colorful stars, on which a huge 2 year number and a very short birthday wish can be seen. The picture is colorful and conveys a beautiful atmosphere. This greeting pictures can be used on WhatsApp.

Funny cure bunny for 2nd Birthday

282 353
Funny cure bunny for 2nd Birthday

This bunny looks really sweet and cute and brings happy 2nd birthday wishes to kids and their parents. It sits on a small hill and smiles to the little one celebrating its birthday. You may also print this one to creat your own birthday card.

Sweet little animals for birthday wishes

335 302
Sweet little animals for birthday wishes

A dog puppet, a little elephant and a baby tiger brongt happy birthday wishes to a 2 year old boy or girl. They wish lots of fun and great presents. This one is really made for kids and they will love it. With the age of 2 years most of the animals can be identified and they can tell their mum and dad about them.

2nd Birthday Wishes for Girls

You might send a little girl some other birthday wishes than a boy. Therefore you will find here birthday sayings especially formulated for girls, which you can use ideally for birthday cards. They are suitable as congratulations from mummy to the 2nd birthday, in addition, for other small girls like grandchild or godchildren. It is always tried to address directly the little one and not the adults, who serve as messengers of the birthday greetings.

297 346
Happy birthday, little mouse. Today you will be 2 years old and are already quite tall. Keep up the good work!
354 371
I wish you many great presents and the tastiest birthday cake of the whole world for your second birthday. Happy Birthday!
282 364
I wish you a lot of fun with your friends on your 2nd birthday party today. I wish you all the luck in the world and of course super nice gifts!
285 305
I don't know whether you will be the President, a pilot or a olympic athlet, but I am already sure today that you are a very special girl who can do everything you want to do. I am proud of you! Congratulations on your 2nd birthday!
303 302
I'll send you a cuddle and two kisses for your second birthday. It wasn't long ago that I pushed you around in your pram and now you're already making the area unsafe on 2 legs. Time passes so fast, so enjoy it!
295 277
Congratulations on your second birthday! Let yourself be richly presented by mum and dad and have a great birthday party!
287 315
I think that every little girl at the age of 2 should have her own little dog, don't you? Now all we have to do is convince mum and dad...
I wish my little sweetheart all the best for your 2nd birthday! I made a delicious birthday cake and you will surely get fantastic gifts today. I love you very much!

Cake for 2nd Birthday

209 367
Cake for 2nd Birthday

This picture is very well suited as a selfmade birthday card. It has the right aspect ratio and shows many colorful birthday cakes on a dark background. Above it floats the congratulations to the 2nd birthday in radiating white writing.

271 289
Even if toys are lying around, the playpen is in the way, I have to change your diapers and get up regularly at night - I don't want it any other way. You are the best thing that ever happened to me, my darling. Happy 2nd birthday.
280 268
For your second birthday, I wish you always to be as sweet and pretty as you are now. You are the greatest little girl in the world!

2nd Birthday Wishes for Boys

You send very similar wishes for the 2nd birthday for a boy as you do for a girl, but nevertheless you often use other formulations that are more suitable for boys than for girls. Therefore, this paragraph presents special phrases for your own son, grandson or godfather, for a friend of your own child from kindergarten, or for relatives of two years old, which you could write as a saying in a card for a boy. All these birthday congratulations are free of charge.

Balloons for 2nd Birthday

274 324
Balloons for 2nd Birthday

The sky is full of balloons and a big colorful congratulation message floats over it. With this picture for your 2nd birthday you can send fun to little boys or girls.

338 271
Happy second birthday, my little big darling! I wish you great gifts and lots of fun at the party with your friends!
293 276
I hope you will get many big presents today and celebrate a great party with mum and dad, grandma and grandpa and all the other people you love. Happy Birthday!
308 330
Today is your big day - you'll be 2 years old! That's a reason to celebrate and to eat a huge piece of the birthday cake! Happy birthday!
287 280
I'm not yet sure whether you'll be the very next president, an astronaut or an attorney, but I'm sure you're a very special boy who can do anything you want. Happy 2nd birthday! Keep up the good work!
287 372
You're gonna be the coolest little kid in kindergarten, I'm sure of it. Congratulations on your 2nd birthday and look forward to the many new friends you will find next year.
264 294
It's fantastic to see you learning more every day and understanding the world a little better every day. I am very proud of you and wish you all the best for your 2nd birthday.
351 279
Since you've been around the world, every day is a new adventure and we always have a lot of fun. I wish you a great second birthday and wish you a great day of honor.
270 270
You've turned our lives upside down, but with you it's better than ever. I love you, my darling, and wish you all the best for your 2nd birthday. You will still get many great surprises today and have a lot of fun!
267 285
Today you are 730 days on this earth and I could give you a kiss for each of those days. But I don't think you'd like that so much. Happy birthday!
322 286
With your 2 years you have already shown many great talents - the chaos talent, the "looking so sweet"-talent and the "I love you so much"-talent. Happy Birthday, my darling!

Hearty 2nd Birthday Wishes

288 340
Hearty 2nd Birthday Wishes

With all these purple, red and pink starts you can send happy birthday greetings to every sweet little boy and girl and their parents.

2nd Birthday wishes from Grandmum and Granddad

Apart from the parents, the grandparents are certainly the most important reference persons for children in the first years of life. The little ones will certainly be particularly excited about the wishes and gifts from grandma and grandpa at their birthday. Therefore some texts follow for congratulations from the grandparents, which are usually written in a children's birthday card. So if you want to send wishes to your grandchild, you may use the following quotes and sayings.

Fun for your 2nd Birthday

290 299
Fun for your 2nd Birthday

All these starts wish a very happy second birthday for a little boy or girl. This picture can be used as a greeting via WhatsApp or Facebook but is also useful for Instragram messages to the parents of the little one. All these pictures a free to use for non-commercial purposes.

271 266
appy Birthday Wishes to your 2nd birthday from grandma and grandpa! We are incredibly proud of you, little darling, and we hope that we can come to you today to eat the cake together!
270 304
Since you were born, I feel like 20 years younger. I enjoy spending a lot of time with you and playing with you. I wish you a lot of big birthday presents and even more fun on your 2nd birthday party.
400 367
Here comes the birthday greeting card for the sweetest two-year-old in the world from the proudest grandparents in the world! Congratulations!
283 269
It's fantastic to see you learning a little more every day and getting smarter and smarter. It won't be long now and you'll slap me loosely in the memory game!
333 373
Happy birthday for your second birthday, sweetheart! I remember as if it were yesterday that you were lying in your pram. Today I can hardly keep up with you, you are so fast. You make me the proudest grandmother in the world and I wish you all the best for your second birthday.
336 291
Little man very big - you are 2 years old from today. I wish my youngest grandson many great gifts and a great day with the family. Happy Birthday my sweetheart!
374 385
Currently I can almost see you growing... if this goes on like this, you are bigger than my at the age of 10! Nevertheless you will always remain my little darling and I wish you all the best for your 2nd birthday!

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