1st Birthday Wishes

Sending birthday wishes on the 1st birthday of a baby means sending congratulations to mother and father. Nevertheless, you can send a child-friendly, colourful picture with a congratulation that even children at a very young age can look forward to, even if they do not realise the fact that their own birthday is taking place today. The first birthday is a special occasion for the parents of an infant, because after one year with the baby they have already mastered some challenges. After 12 months a baby often sleeps through and the parents find more peace, initial difficulties with food and digestion, with diapers and clothes and other impassabilities are usually cleared out of the way or at least limited after one year. Thus the 1st birthday of a child represents a kind of milestone, at which one can look forward to a somewhat less exciting time. This feeling should also be expressed with some of the birthday sayings.

Pictures for 1st Birthday

If you want to send greetings for a 1st birthday via WhatsApp or Facebook, the best way to do so is with a picture that contains a child-friendly motif on the one hand and a beautiful, short saying on the other. Such pictures are made available here free of charge. All pictures are colourful and show animals, clowns or balloons, which can identify even very small children at the age of one year. Nevertheless, the birthday greetings for one-year-olds are naturally addressed to the parents who receive the greeting on the smartphone or receive the birthday card. The pictures are also suitable for self-made greeting cards that you can print out.

292 284

On this picture the red curtain opens for a large year 1 and a short birthday wish. In the background many colorful stars shine and from below balloons fly into the picture. The picture is ideal as a WhatsApp greeting for your first birthday. Already a small child will be happy about this picture, but above all it is a greeting to mother and father thought.

Superhero Greetings for 1st Birthday

287 372
Superhero Greetings for 1st Birthday

The saying wishes a little superhero all the best for his first birthday. In the background many balloons are to be seen, below Polaroid photos with coloured background form the birthday greeting "Happy Birthday". They are also asked to smile without their teeth - this looks particularly cute with toddlers.

On this picture the red curtain opens for a large year 1 and a short birthday wish. In the background many colorful stars shine and from below balloons fly into the picture. The picture is ideal as a WhatsApp greeting for your first birthday. Already a small child will be happy about this picture, but above all it is a greeting to mother and father thought.

1st Birtday Wishes for Girls

Wishes for a little girl on her first birthday are a little differently than those fr a boy. Not so much because the children at this young age differ greatly from each other, but rather because father and mother already have certain ideas for their offspring in mind, which may depend on sex. So parents dress their children already in girl colors like pink and red and in boy colors like blue and green. This circumstance is reflected a little in the following sayings for the first birthday, which one can write for example as a personal message in a card, but also post in a letter or on an online platform.

272 292
Happy first birthday, sweetheart. We wish you as much happiness and joy in your life as you have given to us.
294 269
Happy first birthday, little darling. You have mastered the first year excellently and in the second year there is even more to discover. Have fun with it!
298 306
After a year with the little one most problems have been solved and everyday life has returned. The next exciting phase, however, will be over when she starts running! So rest a few more weeks before it gets going!
301 284
Happy first birthday! Congratulations to the little girl and congratulations to Mom and Dad for the great work they have listed in the last 12 months. Keep up the good work!
290 291
On your first birthday, I wish you all the luck in the world. I think that you have already brought this happiness into the lives of your parents, because they love you above all else.
291 296
You're such a sweet baby, you have no choice but to smile at you. I wish you a great 1st birthday and a start into your second year of life, which is full of adventure and new experiences.
289 291
I wish my little princess a great first birthday. With one year you can certainly prboieren a piece of your own birthday cake, right? I wish you lots of great gifts and a great little party.
302 286
You took your parents' hearts immediately when your were born and turned their lives a little upside down. That's a good performance for a year. For the coming year of life you will certainly take on even more, won't you? Happy birthday!
306 323
Congratulations on your first birthday from the bottom of my heart. May God always hold His protective hand over you and may your guardian angels always watch over you.
292 267
This is the first of many more birthdays for you. A sweet goal would be for you to be a little more cake every year, wouldn't it? Happy Birthday!
294 306
The first year with you was like in a flash and it was exciting, great and exciting how you developed. But please don't grow too fast, because it's just great to see you grow up. Congratulations on your 1st birthday!

1st birthday wish for girl

309 293
1st birthday wish for girl

The frame of this picture for the 1st birthday consists of many colorful hearts. They frame the cute birthday saying "Happy birthday to the cutest little girl in the whole world".

1st Birthday wishes for boys

You congratulate a little boy a little differently than you congratulate a little girl, because you already have the social developments in your head. Parents and grandparents usually want the little boy to become a doctor, lawyer or pilot later and not a nurse or housekeeper. On the other hand, it is true that little boys are often interested in other things than little girls. The following short texts and congratulations are suitable for birthday cards, but you can also use them in a letter or email or send them by WhatsApp. Each entry can be rated individually if you want to provide orientation for subsequent readers.

Saying for 1st Birthday

292 291
Saying for 1st Birthday

With this picture you wish the one year old child exciting 365 days full of adventure and fun for his birthday. Of course, you also wish for many great gifts for the offspring. The background is formed by green and red balloons.

297 290
Give the kid a big kiss from me for his first birthday. I am proud of you that you have born such a sweet little treasure.
285 288
Congratulations to your son for the first birthday. We wish the parents of the birthday child all the happiness in the world that you have already found with your baby.
267 293
Happy 1st birthday for the sweetest little baby in the whole world. If you can walk first, then you make the area surely unsafe. So mum and dad - train to come behind him!
295 300
For the first birthday I send the little birthday child very dear congratulations. I would also sing him a birthday song, but children always start crying when I try to sing.
282 289
Of course I can't say whether you'll be an astronaut or a doctor later, but I'm already sure that you're a very special boy and that you can achieve anything you want. Happy 1st birthday!
278 281
One year you are in this world and have already conquered the hearts of the whole family. I wish you many great gifts for your 1st birthday and a very tasty cake.
299 273
It's hard to believe you've been in this world 12 months. The time with you flies by. Congratulations on your first birthday!
298 289
We wish the little one all the best for his first birthday. Mom and Dad have mastered the first big challenges and the next ones are already at the door when the whirlwind starts to run. I wish you all a lot of fun in the next 12 months. Happy Birthday!
275 316
365 days you are in this world and every single day you have brought joy into our lives. We wish you a great birthday and lots of fun in the coming 365 days.
297 296
After a fantastic first year we wish our birthday child and of course his dad and mum an even better second year with the offspring. Spoil the little one today and fulfill him every wish! Happy birthday!

Animals bring wishes for 1st Birthday

313 293
Animals bring wishes for 1st Birthday

a little bear with his mother, a baby sheep and a little fox bring birthday wishes for the 1st anniversary of a little boy or girl. The colorful backgrund and the ballons add to the picture which is really useful for 1st Birthday wishes via Smartphone or Facebook.

1st Birthday Wishes for Grandchild

If you want to send wishes to your grandson on his 1st birthday, then of course you formulate very special congratulations, which you write in a birthday card. Such cards are addressed to the parents who read the message to the child and show the motif. The following birthday greetings are suitable for both little girls and boys aged 1 year. They are kind and cordial and congratulate not only the birthday child, but also the parents to the mad achievement to be one year on the world. These birthday greetings are also free for non-commercial purposes.

284 308
You're the greatest gift I've had since your mother was born. Therefore I would like to congratulate you on your first birthday and wish you all the luck in the world for the next years.
281 296
I wish my little darling all the best for his first birthday! I wish you and mum and dad a great day. Please take many photos so that we can always remember the first anniversary.
328 298
Happy 1st birthday to the sweet mouse and congratulations to mum and dad for mastering this time so well. I keep my fingers crossed for you that the next 12 months will be just as great as the past ones. Happy Birthday!
296 295
Grandma and grandpa wish the birthday child a great first birthday and many great gifts. Let the cake taste especially good today.
278 304
We are the proudest grandparents in the world because we have the sweetest grandchild in the world. We wish the little sweetheart all the best for his 1st birthday!
285 300
Happy birthday to the sweetest little sparrow we've ever seen! Grandma and Grandpa are very proud that we can be your grandparents!
249 282
The little one has brought so much joy into the life of the whole family. That's why the first birthday is a great opportunity to celebrate and congratulate the parents and the birthday child alike.
293 299
We can't wish for a sweeter grandson - we congratulate the little one on his first birthday and mum and dad for doing such a great job with the offspring. Whenever you need support or a babysitter, we are there for you!
246 282
Every day with the little treasure is a real joy for me. The first birthday is a good opportunity to thank you all for the chance to be there again for a small family member and have fun with him.
319 304
We wish the sweetest and smallest person in the family a great first birthday. May every year in this world be even better than the previous one! Happy Birthday!

Cute 1st Birthday Wishes

287 288
Cute 1st Birthday Wishes

This little rabbit looks really cute and every one-year-old child will recognize the animal, even if it may not yet be able to speak. The rabbit brings hearty congratulations to the 1st birthday and is naturally pleased about this special event.

1st Birthday Wishes for Godchild

As a godfather, you bear a special responsibility for your godchild in a certain way. As a godfather, you have agreed to be the child's contact person when support is needed and will certainly be one of the first options parents of small children consider when looking for an occasional babysitter. There is therefore a certain bond between the godfather and the godchild, which should be expressed in the following birthday greetings for the 1st birthday. However, there are also simply cordial formulations which can be used well in the card for a one-year-old child.

284 294
Your dearest godmother wishes you all the best for your 1st birthday and good luck and fun in your second year! Best wishes to mum and dad too - take good care of the little one!
276 302
I wish my little godchild on his 1st birthday a great day with a lot of delicious cake and lots of lovely congratulations from the whole family.
319 270
Today is your first birthday and as a godfather I want to tell you that I am always there for you when you need me. You may not be able to read and understand these lines now, but in 6 or 7 years you can look at this card again and build on this promise. But now I wish you all the best for your 1st birthday!
305 288
I was particularly happy when I became your godfather. It's all been a year now and you have become an integral part of all our lives. I would like to thank you on your first birthday for the many great moments in the past 1 months. Happy Birthday!
299 279
Happy first birthday from the bottom of my heart. As your godfather I send you of course a small gift and congratulate also mum and dad cordially to this mad achievement. I do it so well - how about a little brother or sister?
304 321
When the little sweetheart enters the room, the sun rises. I wish you all the best for your first birthday and look forward to many more exciting hours as a babysitter!
362 306
Happy birthday to my little godchild! I will always be ready if you need support or if you are looking for a playmate for your offspring. I wish the whole family a great second year of life with the child.
280 298
Today you're going to be a year and you can't be called a baby anymore. You are almost mobile and are making the area unsafe. I wish you all the best for your 1st birthday and a new year full of exciting adventures. On this world there is still much to discover!
286 269
On your 1st birthday I send you my love and wish you that today will be the first day of an exciting new year in which you will learn a lot and experience a lot. Happy Birthday!

Herty wishes for 1. birthday

278 294
Herty wishes for 1. birthday

In the middle you can see a big 1 with a short saying with congratulations. The congratulation floats in a stream of many red hearts. With this picture you send very warm greetings to the parents of a small child.

Ideas for first birthday

How can you make a toddler one year old happy? This is the question you should ask yourself especially on your child's birthday, but also when you come to visit or simply want to bring a small present as a grandmother or grandpa, godfather or relative. Demanding toys are not yet suitable for such small children, so it is not always easy to find a birthday present or a souvenir for one-year-olds. The following are some ideas that are suitable for different occasions and that not only the parents, but perhaps also the offspring will be happy about.

270 278
Children start eating conventional food at the age of one year. Normal large cutlery is too big for small children, so there are special children's cutlery with child-friendly motifs and designs. Such cutlery is often used for several years and is a very useful little gift.
293 272
Certain toys are particularly suitable for small children as young as one year of age. A teething ring often helps with problems with the first teeth. Teething rings are now available in many different designs, even with beautiful shapes such as animals.
350 353
Soft toys are popular with all children, but for one-year-olds you have to use special soft toys that are suitable for the age so that no eyes can come loose and no fur becomes unhygienic.
262 278
Children love snuffels and blankets. If a toddler already has a certain favorite item, then you can get exactly the same as a replacement, because often the drama is big when the blanket has to be washed. Parents will also be grateful for this.
270 270
Time passes so quickly and it is best to capture the moments with the child at a young age. Some beautiful photos help to preserve beautiful memories. That's why you can give your child and parents a photo session with a photographer. The parents will be happy about that, the child in later years, but you also give it to yourself, because of course you can ask for prints of the most beautiful photos
285 264
A trip with the whole family to the fun park is also a nice idea for a gift for one-year-olds and the family. Already in those younger years children like animals and all other family members will also appreciate the variety.
280 271
Classic children's toys such as rattle and drums may sound old-fashioned, but they are still very popular with young children because they can train their senses and dexterity and simply have fun with them.
249 252
In the first years parents of small children need countless trousers, shirts, rompers, pantyhose and much more. Gifts of this kind provide a little relief for the costs of the new clothes. The little ones are not particularly happy about this, but it often helps the parents. This makes baby clothing a very popular gift.
262 284
At the age of one year, the child is already sitting and no longer has to be pushed lying down in the pram. A buggy can be attractive at the age of one year. It has the advantage over a conventional pushchair that the children see much more of the surroundings and have so much fun walking. A buggy is much easier to handle than a pram, so that both mother and father can enjoy it as well.

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