Christmas Wishes for WhatsApp and Cards

Almost all over the world Christmas is celebrated in the circle of the family and everyone finds peace and relaxation with their loved ones. Of course, this is also the time of the year when you show friends, relatives and work colleagues that you love them. You can do this with a Christmas greeting via WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, but also in the classic way in the form of a Christmas card. For all these purposes you can find Christmas greetings as pictures with sayings or as short texts for cards. All entries are free for private use. You can find hearty and warm Christmas greetings as well as funny sayings for the feast of love.

WhatsApp Pictures for Christmas Greetings

If you want to use WhatsApp to send Christmas greetings with your smartphone to friends or relatives, the best choice is a picture with a Christmas theme on it. A text in the image will convey the message to the recipient. These free Christmas pictures are of course also suitable for social platforms like Instagram or Facebook and can be shared with just a few clicks. There are motifs such as Santa Claus, reindeer or Christmas tree, so that you can find a suitable motif for each person.

Christmas Greetings for free

224 225
Christmas Greetings for free

This picture shows typical motives for the feast of love like fir branches, fir cones, a gift, nuts and cinnamon sticks. If you look at this picture, you can literally smell how it must smell at this table. The wooden table and the envelope suggest that this is a festive table on which gifts are wrapped and Christmas greetings are written. There are warm colors and timeless utensils to be seen, so that every recipient will be pleased with the picture.

Funny Reindeer wishes a nice Christmas season

210 201
Funny Reindeer wishes a nice Christmas season

This funny reindeer wants to have as much fun on the holidays as a reindeer would have. The red nose and cross-eyed look, the ribbon ribbon on the antlers and the golden bell around the neck show, just like the smile on the face, that this is a funny Christmas greeting for friends and relatives.

Santa Claus is coming to bring greetings

224 228
Santa Claus is coming to bring greetings

This cute Santa Claus delivers presents on ice and snow and wishes you a Merry Christmas with your family with lots of fun, peace and comfort. The little one does not look like most Santa Clauses, but is rather small and cute. His beard reaches down to the ground and the big cap is pulled over his shoulders. As a WhatsApp Christmas greeting, he will surely be well received and bring joy to young and old alike.

Funny Christmas Wishes

It is always a nice idea to spread good cheer. This can be done especially well with funny Christmas sayings and wisdom. Especially among young people, funny Christmas greetings are sent by cell phone. Such examples and short texts can be found in this paragraph, but always treat the occasion with respect and are not inappropriate. Of course, one should always consider to whom one is sending the respective message. Your own grandmother may understand less biting sarcasm than your best buddy, but here too, of course, exceptions confirm the rule.

Funny Santa Claus

204 213
Funny Santa Claus

This funny Santa Claus wishes a cosy celebration in the circle of the dearest ones and a good slide into the new year. It looks into the picture from the right and is sketched in comic style. He is in the best of moods and spreads such a good mood. The thumb up in his thick red gloves, the cap waving wildly in the winter landscape, he literally smiles at the recipient of this Christmas greeting.

215 234
Christmas is the only opportunity to sit in the living room in front of a dead tree and eat sweets out of socks. With this in mind - Merry Christmas!
221 213
I hope you like the gift you showed me and that I was told to buy!
207 212
If Santa looks a little younger for you every year, it is the ultimate sign that you are getting old.
226 221
I always say that the best Christmas gifts come from the heart. However, cash is also by no means to be sneezed at.
215 212
I wish you many great gifts and that you are spared the obligatory socks, the tie and the awful Christmas sweater.
216 213
Merry Christmas! I hope you can enjoy the holiday before you discover the big minus on your credit card statement caused by all the expensive gifts.
202 201
For Christmas I wish you delicious food and that the calories are miraculously gone by the New Year.
203 203
I hope that your patience this year was bigger than the queue at the cash desks of the stores. Merry Christmas!
210 198
Santa Claus told me that you were really very well-behaved this year. I answered him that it could only be due to a lack of opportunities to do nonsense.
211 204
I love the annual Christmas dinner. I am not good at cooking, but I am better at eating!

Christmas Wishes for Grandma and Grandpa

Of course, you should send your grandparents especially warm greetings for Christmas, because they will certainly be happy to receive a few dear lines from your grandson or granddaughter. Many elderly people now own a smartphone, but the following short texts can also be written by hand on a card that is sent by post in the old-fashioned way. All these formulations are especially suitable for seniors and of course they can be used free of charge.

Classic Christmas Greetings

208 198
Classic Christmas Greetings

The Christmas pictures with the little angel, the dried orange slices, the cinnamon sticks and red Christmas balls on fir branches is rather classical and very suitable for greetings to grandma and grandpa. With the slogan, which is handwritten on the note in the middle of the table, you can wish a lot of cosiness and fun with the family - I think this is exactly the right slogan for seniors.

219 204
I wish the best grandma in the whole world the most beautiful Christmas ever. I love you so much, Grandma.
215 206
I wish the coolest grandpa in the world the most delicious Christmas of this century. Let get cooked for you and enjoy the holidays!
202 206
Hello grandma and grandpa! This year I would like to send you especially warm greetings for Christmas. I can't celebrate with you this time, but I think of you.
219 218
Every year I look forward to Grandma's Christmas menu again - and every year you outdo yourself and it's even a bit more delicious than last time.
206 240
Love, joy and peace are the ingredients for a wonderful Christmas. I hope that you will find all this in this festive time. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! You are the best!
214 209
Dear grandparents, I wish you a merry Christmas and lots of joy with the whole family. Have a good time during the holidays!
208 217
Merry Christmas! I hope that this year you will decorate the Christmas tree as you have been doing it for 20 years. This is what a real Christmas tree has to look like.
212 206
Your Christmas cookies are still the best, grandma! I wish you a Merry Christmas and me that you bake many of these cookies again.
200 196
Dear grandma, dear grandpa. You are always part of my most beautiful Christmas memories. Let's create even more such memories this year. I am looking forward to the Christmas visit.
211 206
I wish you many wonderful hours with your family at this year's Christmas. May all your wishes for the New Year come true!

Christmas Wishes for Friends

You often don't see your friends at Christmas because of family visits and other family duties. So you send them a short message via WhatsApp or Instagram. Such Christmas greetings for friends can be found in this section. There are sayings for women and men, for young people and for older acquaintances. These sayings are also warm, but of course not as loving as the greetings you would send to your grandparents or parents.

Bag full of presents

202 212
Bag full of presents

On this picture you can see a red bag full of gifts. Above it the Christmas greeting is emblazoned in large letters. With this picture you can wish the recipient a merry Christmas and that all dreams come true and all wishes come true.

Merry Christmas Snowman

205 211
Merry Christmas Snowman

This snowman grins broadly in a wintry landscape with a meter high snow cover. The red scarf flutters in the wind, the cap looks towards the blue summer. A big lonely button decorates the belly and the nose is not a carrot but round and knobbly. Above the winter landscape the short but concise Christmas greeting is written in big red letters.

210 204
I wish you all a Merry Christmas! Have fun with your families and feast until the doctor comes. We'll see you at the latest on New Year's Eve!
207 213
Merry Christmas! I wish you more than just presents this year. I wish you happiness that lasts until next year.
202 215
Actually I wanted to send you an incredibly sweet, attractive and lovely gift, but I didn't fit in the envelope. That's why you only get this message on your smartphone. I hope that you are still a little bit happy?
222 221
No matter how hard things are in your life. Around Christmas time everything always seems a little better. I wish you a Merry Christmas!
209 199
I wish the best girlfriend in the whole world the most beautiful Christmas you can imagine. I hope that this year there will be many fantastic presents waiting for you and that you won't get that smile off your face for the whole holiday.
210 212
I wish you a great Christmas and wish you cosy, festive days in the circle of your loved ones. Let yourself be spoiled and do the same with other people you love.
222 214
Love, joy and happiness is all I wish you. I hope that you wake up on Christmas morning and find them all in your shoe. Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
204 168
Christmas is just around the corner and it is time to reflect on the past year. I wish you that the following year will have many more pleasant surprises in store for you. Merry Christmas!
176 211
Santa Claus told me that you have been very well-behaved this year. So I hope that you will get super nice presents and have a lot of joy and fun during the Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas!
177 170
Don't be surprised if you feel the magic in the air. Christmas spirit has arrived and will stay for a few days. Enjoy the holidays!

Christmas Wishes for Kids

For a child, Christmas is a particularly exciting time of the year. The own grandson, the little brother or sister and all the other boys and girls are happy about a greeting message for Christmas. The following are formulations for such messages to children, which can be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes. Even if you are a godfather and would like to wish your godchild a wonderful Christmas, the texts and sayings are suitable.

Santa Claus for Kids

167 168
Santa Claus for Kids

This Christmas greeting is intended for children aged 8 to 15 years. It looks pretty funny, just like you might know Santa Claus from a comic strip. He wishes you a Merry Christmas with crass gifts, as budding teenagers would probably say. The font is colored in many colors from green to orange, pink, purple and blue.

Funny Picture for Kids

164 168
Funny Picture for Kids

This picture shows a cute Santa Claus arm in arm with a polar bear wearing a green scarf around his neck. With a friendly grin on the child who receives this message. Next to this cute picture, which is suitable for children, is the Christmas greeting, which is specially formulated for boys or girls.

175 165
I send you warm cuddles sincere wishes for Christmas. May you have a glorious Christmas full of lights, songs and cheers. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
165 167
Christmas stands for love, hope and joy. Pass this on to each of your friends. I wish you a merry Christmas.
177 164
Christmas is all about new hopes and surprises. I wish you that the holidays will be filled with light and hope and love and happiness for you.
192 177
Your favorite aunt wishes her favorite nephew a great Christmas with gorgeous presents and delicious food. Have fun!
168 160
I wish you a merry Christmas, sis. Even if I'm annoyed from time to time, I promise that I will always take care of them. I hope that I get the bigger presents, but you can be happy too.
171 167
Merry Christmas! Even though we sometimes argue, you are the best little brother a sister could wish for. However, I don't know if I should tell Santa Claus that you have been good this year or if I should tell the truth.
187 168
I wish you a super Christmas full of great gifts and fun. Enjoy the time off from school and do all the things you haven't had time to do for months.
167 165
Merry Christmas my little princess! I wish you that all your Christmas wishes come true and that you can spend super nice holidays.
165 173
Ho Ho Ho! Me and Rudolph wish you a Merry Christmas full of delicious cookies, great presents and love from the whole family.
163 174
Grandma and Grandpa wish you a wonderful Christmas with Mom, Dad and the whole family. You are and remain our greatest treasure. We are looking forward to celebrating with you all together.

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