Enjoy your vacation wishes

For many people vacations are the most beautiful time of the year. On vacation you can forget everyday life for a few weeks and devote yourself to the beautiful things in life. The holiday season also offers many families one of the few opportunities to spend time together. It is a nice idea to wish friends, colleagues and relatives nice holidays. Nowadays, this is usually done with a smartphone or online on a social media website. For these purposes one finds here some vacation wishes in form of pictures with short, but concise texts as well as many sayings, which can be used not only in WhatsApp or other chat application, but also for enamels or for greeting cards with vacation wishes. All entries are free for personal, non-commercial use. You may want to adapt those quotes and sayings a little bit in order to create your very personal vacation wishes.

Vacation Wishes for WhatsApp

When you would like to send some warm wishes for a nice holiday via WhatsApp, you will like the following pictures with motives like sun, beach and sea, but also airplanes on the way to the south. Such greeting pictures are provided here free of charge. They contain a hearty but short text with greetings. By holding an image for a longer time and choosing the copy function, you can copy one of the images to the clipboard of a tablet or smartphone and paste it later into applications like WhatsApp. You are also able to rate each image with the thumbs next to it.

WhatsApp Vacation Wish

313 240
WhatsApp Vacation Wish

This nice one shows a beach with lots of Palms and clear blue sea. It invites you to relax in the sun and take some time off. The text on the pictures says "Goodbye and wish you all the best for your vacation. Wishing you lods of happinessm, fun and joy for your vacations. Hope you will have a great time with your family".

Sand with starfish and happy holidays greetings

245 235
Sand with starfish and happy holidays greetings

These starfish lie in the sand and wish you a nice holiday. The picture is suitable for example as a greeting to all acquaintances on Facebook or Instagram. You wish a nice summer holiday in faraway countries.

WhatsApp Vacation Wish
This nice one shows a beach with lots of Palms and clear blue sea. It invites you to relax in the sun and take some time off. The text on the pictures says "Goodbye and wish you all the best for your vacation. Wishing you lods of happinessm, fun and joy for your vacations. Hope you will have a great time with your family".

Vacation wishes for friends

You want to wish your friends only the best and this is especially true for their holidays. Therefore the following wordings are meant particularly cordially and dearly. There are sayings for the best friend, but also for the friends in the sports club or for a good friend, who goes alone on journeys. They are suitable for women and men, but also for groups such as a family.

300 305
I wish you a beautiful holiday full of sun, beach and sea and that one or two little adventures will make your time unforgettable.
308 310
I wish you a lot of fun on your holiday and that you don't have to do anything for 7 days but to move from the sea to the pool and from the pool to the buffet. Relax well and come back happy and cheerful!
283 400
We wish you and your family a great holiday with lots of sea and sun, even more fun and shared experiences. Bring a souvenir with you so that you will be reminded of the most beautiful time of the year for quite some time.
306 308
I grant you a holiday with all my heart and wish you the most beautiful time of the year. You deserve it!
286 289
We wish you a great holiday - a lot of fun for the kids and good recovery from the stress of everyday life for both of you!
311 377
I wish you and your family a great time on holiday and that you find back home full of great experiences, but healthy and rested. Have fun all of you!
306 315
Beautiful beaches, great landscapes, pleasant weather and delicious food - I wish you all this and much more for the most beautiful days of the year!
329 306
On this journey you will get many new impressions and an insight into foreign cultures. The best thing about your holiday, however, are the beautiful memories you will enjoy for many years.
325 307
I envy your great vacation. I wish you a lot of fun and that one or the other adventure is waiting for you.
290 309
If you loll around in the sun and sip the second cocktail, you might think of me for a minute! I grant you this journey because you deserve it.

Have a good flight

299 283
Have a good flight

This picture shows an airplane that has just taken off from the runway and is on its way to the sun, which appears behind the airplane. You can read a saying that wishes you a good flight.

Funny happy vacation wishes

Children don't go to school, parents don't have to go to work - that's one reason for a good mood. This is probably one of the reasons why funny holiday wishes are so popular. Of course, you don't want to annoy anyone with these greetings, but only create a positive mood. Therefore the funny vacation greetings are also meant cordially and dearly, not meanly or unfavorably formulated. Feel free to use these quotes and messages for you personal greetings.

293 306
Have a nice vacation. Don't hurt yourself in the fight for the last free loungers at the pool!
320 308
I wish you and your family a fantastic holiday. I hope that you will be spared holiday catastrophes and that you will have an unforgettably great time.
324 755
Enjoy your holiday in the sun. Don't forget your swimming trunks, otherwise you'll have to go into the pool with your bare ass!
307 294
Please bring home a healthy tan from your holiday. When you take off your swimming trunks, the white stripes must be clearly visible!
296 395
Have a lot of fun during the holidays and celebrate. But don't overdo it with alcohol - you are practically ambassadors of our country abroad and have to set a good example.
291 297
If the kids are whining, the wife just wants to go shopping and a beer costs 7 dollars, then you know that holidays are on. Nevertheless, I wish you and the whole family a lot of fun!
305 287
I hope you don't miss your flight, find the hotel quickly, have no vermin in the rooms and the food tastes good. If these criteria are met, you won't be standing in the way of a great holiday full of fun!
350 300
I wish you a wonderful holiday full of great experiences. But behave yourself properly, after all you are a guest in foreign countries and I want to show my face.
322 285
I hope that you are always successful in the fight for the free loungers at the pool. Happy Holiday!

Cocktail on the beach

233 239
Cocktail on the beach

I wish you all the best for your vacations and hope you get to spend a quality time with your family and friends. This is the message on this picture which shows a red cocktail on the beach. Everybody wnats to drnik this drink right now and relax in the warm sun.

Business Vacation Wishes

For business purposes you would like to send happy vacation messages to customers, suppliers and coworkers. For companies it is particularly important that the work-life balance of colleagues and employees is right in order to be motivated and balanced in the workplace. With a nice greeting to customers and suppliers you can strengthen the loyalty and make a good impression. In the following chapter, formulations for holiday wishes are presented for all these business partners, which are sure to be well received everywhere. All texts and pictures are free of charge.

Holiday wishes for employees

It is a nice gesture to wish employees good rest on a nice trip. The employees are the most important and valuable resource in many companies and with nice messages like this and a loving holiday greeting you can strengthen the personal bond.

340 334
We wish you a nice holiday and a relaxing time. Please come back healthy and rested from the holidays, because you are a very valuable employee for us.
296 309
The whole company wishes you a great holiday with your family. Fill up with lots of sun and energy and bring home a lot of nice memories, which you can share with your colleagues.
301 307
They deserve this holiday! We would like to thank you for your outstanding performance in the past weeks and wish you an exciting but relaxing time on holiday!
305 296
Enjoy your holiday! These weeks should be the most beautiful of the year, so enjoy them to the fullest and recharge your batteries for the rest of the year.
296 287
Even the best need a holiday - that's why they deserve it! Enjoy your free days in the sun, with tasty food and good wine. Have fun!
264 243

If you would like to wish an employee or business partner, work colleague or other business contact a lot of fun on a flight, you can use this picture. At sunrise in the early morning, the wing of this airplane flies south.

Business Partner Vacation Messages

You send formal holiday requests to a business partner. This includes not only customers, but also suppliers and other partner companies, sales people, service technicians and many other people and institutions who are needed for the successful operation of a company.

302 300
We would like to wish you all the best for your holiday and hope that you find relaxation.
290 299
We wish you a nice holiday with sun, beach and sea and that they manage to get off from everyday life and enjoy the time.
307 302
Those who work a lot should also take an extensive vacation. Only with a good balance between work and relaxation can you be successful. That's why we wish them a great time on holiday.
304 276
We wish you relaxing days and lots of fun with your family on holiday. Use your holidays to spend time with your loved ones and recharge your batteries for the tasks ahead.
296 291
Even if there is actually no time for this, people occasionally need a break to recharge ^your own batteries. We wish you to do just that during their holidays and to return to your everyday live with full of energy.

Vacation Wishes for your Boss

You can wish your supervisor or boss to have some nice days as an employee or as a whole department. These sayings, short texts and wisdoms are certainly well suited to this purpose.

290 278
We would all like to wish you a wonderful holiday and good relaxation. You deserve it!
303 308
When the cat is out of the house, the mice dance on the table... Now they can imagine what it looks like in the company when they are on holiday. We will try to keep the shop afloat. Have a nice holiday!
292 411
We wish the best boss we can think of a wonderful holiday!
300 298
We wish you and your family a wonderful holiday and some relaxing days.
296 309
The whole staff wishes you a few unforgettable days with your family. Rest well and come back to the company well balanced.
297 289
Even the best of us need some time off. Enjoy the free days and the sun and let yourself be pampered from morning till evening!
308 325
We will always support you - so have a good time on your vacation with the family.
271 326
My dear boss, I send you exiting holiday greetings to enjoy your vacation more. I hope you being a historical enthusiastic would visit the ancient monuments there.
301 284
To my concerned boss, sending you great holiday greetings. Make sure you are packed well for vacationing in the hilly terrain and enjoy at your best.

Happy Holidays with Suitcase

241 235
Happy Holidays with Suitcase

This picture shows a classic suitcase with a lot of stickers on it. It shows wear so you can assume this bag travelled around the world. It wishes happy holidays. The background is filled with tan sand and bright blue sky and a sun with lots of rays.

Vacation Wishes for Work Colleagues

You should also wish your colleagues a nice holiday, although the work will probably be done by those who stay at home. After all, you want to go on holiday yourself and your colleagues should support you.

319 295
All colleagues wish you a wonderful holiday and a good rest!
319 302
Come back to the office quickly - after all, we don't want to do all the work alone!
296 299
I wish my favourite colleague a lot of fun on holiday. Take a good rest, so that you will soon be able to really get back to working in the company!
331 306
It's really boring here without you. I wish you a lot of fun and come back quietly and relaxed from your holiday!
316 276
I wish you a holiday full of sun, beach and sea and maybe a cocktail or two at the bar in the evening. Have a good time!
274 291
Happy holidays to all of my colleagues. It was a lovely experience working with you all. I am surely going to miss our chats and coffee time during the evening of my holidays. We will make a plan to meet someday during this holiday season. Enjoy!

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