10th Birthday Wishes

For children, their own birthday is a very special day of the year. The 10th birthday is a special event, because it is the first round number of years in life. When you were 10 years old, you usually just started secondary school and made many new friends. Therefore it is an exciting time in the life for such young people. Here, sayings and short texts are presented, which can can be used to congratulate ten-year-old boys and girls cordially to the birthday. Since children at this age usually already have a mobile phone and use social networks, most birthday wishes are designed for this purpose. Friends and relatives congratulate by WhatsApp or Instagram to the 10th birthday and send nice pictures with wishes and cordial sayings. However, formulations for texts in birthday cards are also offered here. These are helpful if you want to send greetings to the cradle festival with a classic card. All pictures and texts on this website are completely free for personal use.

Pictures with 10th Birthday Wishes

The pictures offered here are very nice for a 10th birthday congratulation in a chat app like WhatsApp, especially for sending to a group for family members, classmates or friends. Of course you can also send such a picture to the birthday person itself. The images cintain motives to the topic birthday like birthday cakes or illustrations with stars and animals. In case you prefer to send 10th birthday messages via Facebook, you will find suitable pictures, too. You can easily share them so that they appear in the timeline on the website.

WhatsApp 10th Birthday Picture

347 318
WhatsApp 10th Birthday Picture

Curtain up for the big year 10 and congratulations on this event. In the background many colorful stars sparkle on a night sky. This WhatsApp picture congratulates every child who celebrates its tenth anniversary in the world today.

309 290

Many colourful balloons fly over the blue sky in this picture to congratulate the birthday child. The birthday logo floats above and brings the happy message in big letters.

WhatsApp 10th Birthday Picture
Curtain up for the big year 10 and congratulations on this event. In the background many colorful stars sparkle on a night sky. This WhatsApp picture congratulates every child who celebrates its tenth anniversary in the world today.

10th Birthday Wishes for Grandchild

As grandparents you congratulate your grandson on his or her 10th birthday. Grandma and grandpa are already sending messages with their smartphone or via the Internet, but many still prefer the traditional way of birthday wishes with a birthday card. The short sayings and wishes are specially formulated for grandparents who would like to wish their grandchild all the best for their 10th birthday with a card. The texts are suitable both for girls and for boys and are kid-friendly formulated.

325 311
Happy 10th birthday! Grandma and grandpa wish you lots of great gifts and an unforgettable day with the family eating cake.
307 353
We would like to tell you on your first birthday that we are incredibly proud of you because you are such a sweet and smart boy and you mastered elementary school so well. We love you so much.
366 318
On your 10th birthday, the proudest grandmother in the world wishes you all the best. May many great things happen to you in the new year and meet many nice new friends.
305 327
10 years you're getting old today - I can still remember how you were running through my living room in your diapers. Time flies so fast, so enjoy not only your birthday but every day of your childhood. Happy Birthday!
390 371
Grandma will send you a cuddle for your 10th birthday and of course a present. I wish you all the luck in the world and good luck at school!
326 296
Today you are one year older again and are already celebrating a round birthday. I wish you that it will be an unforgettably beautiful day, which you will always remember with pleasure. Happy birthday!
303 354
On your 10th birthday Grandpa and Grandma wish you fantastic presents and that today is the start into the best year of your life for you. Have fun, my darling!
456 414
I'm hoping to get a special big piece of that birthday cake for your 10th birthday. I also have a very big birthday present for you!
322 320
Congratulations on your 10th birthday and your grandparents wish you all the best. You have brought so much joy into our lives - thank you!
290 343
Grandma and Grandpa are sending you love for your 10th birthday. We wish you all your life to be surrounded only by people who believe in you as we do and who support you in everything you want to do. Happy Birthday!

Magical 10th Birthday Wishes

307 332
Magical 10th Birthday Wishes

This clown wishes a great 10th birthday, It is a female clown with a big red nose. Some confetti is falling from the top and the colorful birthday greeting message is floating in from the right. Very niche picture to send warm wishes for a great birthday event.

10th Birthday Wishes for Godchild

As a godfather, you have a special responsibility for your godchild, as you should always help him with words and deeds. Of course you congratulate your godchild on his 10th birthday with a card, a message or a gift. Short sayings for birthday cards from godparents can be found free of charge in the following section. There are mostly hearty congratulations, but also the one or other funny saying to find. Ten-year-olds are not yet in puberty and still have a lot of childish things about them. The birthday sayings are formulated so that the recipient understands them.

284 307
Happy 10th birthday! May your guardian angel always have his watchful eye on you - and if he doesn't look so closely, I am still there and stand by your side.
388 311
On your 10th birthday I wish you all the happiness in the world and that you succeed in everything you set out to do. I am sure that you can create everything you want.
381 304
Cheers, bustle, cheerfulness - that should be the motto for your 10th birthday party. Apart from that, money, toys and clothes are the keywords for the birthday presents. Happy Birthday.
313 369
Wow, today you're 10 years old - it seems like yesterday when you were born. Now an exciting time begins in your life - enjoy it and have a lot of fun with it.
293 289
Congratulations on the 10th birthday of the coolest boy in his age group. I wish you great gifts and lots of fun on your day of honour, but little worries for the new year.
307 299
You will be 10 years old today, but for me you will always be my little princess. Congratulations on your birthday.
305 291
On your tenth birthday I wish you that all your dreams come true and lead you into a new, exciting phase of your life. Happy Birthday!
298 307
Happy 10th birthday to you from the bottom of my heart. As a godfather I am always there for you if you have worries or want to talk about something that you don't want to discuss with mum and dad.

Wishing a marvellous birthday

306 298
Wishing a marvellous birthday

This bright and colorful picture brings wishes for a marvellous 10th birthday. Balloons and banners are spreading the words. You may use this picture for platform like Instagram to congratulate a ten year old boy or girl.

10th Birthday Messages from Parents

The parents of a child getting 10 years old also congratulate their offspring with words and giftd. Usually a gift is given to the son or daughter with a card in which some personal lines are written into. Templates for such birthday greetings from mum and dad are presented in the following section. They are very nice and warm words that every girl and boy at the age of 10 will be happy about. The child is now entering the age where it not only enjoys gifts, but also nice words and appreciation.

Stars for a 10 year old

320 295
Stars for a 10 year old

With this colourful picture one spreads party mood to the 10th birthday. The starry sky with big and small, red, yellow and purple stars carries a birthday greeting in big letters, which shows a color gradient from pink over green to money.

322 327
Mom and Dad wish you a great 10th birthday and lots of fun with your presents and the family coming to the birthday cake today.
286 310
Happy 10th birthday, sweetheart. You will grow up so fast, but you will always be my darling, for whom I will always be there, no matter what happens.
301 313
Mom and Dad wish you all the best for your birthday. Since you were born ten years ago, our life has changed completely - it has been turned to the positive side!
302 332
I wish you many great presents and a birthday party on your honorary day, which you will remember with joy even in 10 years. Happy Birthday!
290 293
Your parents would like to tell you today, on your 10th birthday, that we are incredibly proud of you because you are such a sweet, helpful and clever boy. Stay the way you are!
286 300
From now on, you're double digits! Congratulations on the start into a completely new age!
311 294
Today you'll be 120 months old! Happy birthday, my darling.
332 299
If you manage to blow out the 10 candles on your birthday cake with one breath, you may want something for each candle. But don't expect mum and dad to fulfill all 10 wishes immediately! Happy Birthday!
280 328
We wish our little darling all the best for his 10th birthday! We know that you don't want to be called that anymore, but for us you will always be our little treasure. Better get used to it.
320 352
Today is your very special day of honor. Enjoy it and let everyone spoil you on your 10th birthday. Happy birthday!

10th Birthday Message with Cakes

299 308
10th Birthday Message with Cakes

You may use this Happy Birthday message to a 10 year old friend for free. The background is covered by many birthday cakes in different colors. Blue, Pink and Orange with green and yellow candles are sitting behind a big birthday logo.

10th Birthday Wishes for a friend

At the age of 10 all girls have a best friend with whom they can have fun and discuss things that cannot be discussed with adults, parents or teachers. Ten-year-old girls nowadays talk to each other through social media like WhatsApp or send messages through Instagram. If you'd like to congratulate your girlfriend on her 10th birthday, you'll find short sayings here that you can write in a chat. If you are invited to the children's birthday party, you can bring a gift and a card with congratulations. If you visit your girlfriend on her 10th birthday, you will find here nice formulations for such birthday cards.

324 272
Happy 10th birthday! I am glad that you are my girlfriend and wish you all the best for your special day!
299 322
Best Friends Forever - BFF! I send you congratulations for your 10th birthday!
295 289
Happy birthday! Now you're a year older than me, but I'll catch up soon. Promise!
322 328
Welcome to the Club of the Two-Digit Saints! Now we are both 10 years old. That means we will have even more fun together!
282 309
I wish you on your 10th birthday that all your wishes come true and that you get the tastiest birthday cake in the world.
318 328
On your 10th birthday, I send you my loveliest congratulations. I am already looking forward to your birthday party.
375 333
Best regards on your tenth birthday! I wish you great gifts, many congratulations and that in the new year you will succeed in everything you set out to do. I'll join in!
318 288
I have a good resolution for your new year - that we both have even more fun than last year! Happy Birthday!
315 321
Happy ten-year-old birthday to you! Here’s wishing you lots of luck and success in the journey that you’ll choose to take! Enjoy your day!
325 308
To my dearest sister, happy 10th birthday! I hope you’ll have a great time today. Don’t forget to make a wish before you blow all the candles in your cake! Enjoy your day!

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